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How Can Kidney Disease Patient Reduce Their Heart Risk

2015-07-05 17:24

How Can Kidney Disease Patient Reduce Their Heart RiskAs a kidney disease patient how to reduce your heart risk is very important for controlling the disease, with good control of your disease you can have a longer and better life.

Because of the close connection between CKD and cardiovascular disease, much of what your doctor recommends to control your CKD will also lower your risk of cardiovascular disease. The following are some ways that can help you lower the risk of heart risk, hoping it can help you in some degree.

Get some exercise. Just 30 minutes of moderate exercise each day may help to improve your cholesterol, maintain a healthy weight and lower blood pressure.

Avoid cigarette smoking and smoke. Second-hand smoke is dangerous, too.

Change your diet. Choose low-cholesterol foods and avoid trans fats. Get more fiber by eating plenty of vegetables and whole grains.

Control your blood sugar if you have diabetes. Check your blood sugar level often and stick to the diet your doctor recommends.

Talk to your doctor about other measures. You might need medication or a more specialized diet and exercise plan, especially if you have other risk factors, like diabetes.

But the most important way is to control your kidney disease well. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy as on of the innovation of traditional Chinese herb medicine, it can cure the kidney disease by repairing the damaged kidney tissues and protecting the remaining ones from further damage.

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