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Will Cold Affect Stage 3 Kidney Disease Patient

2015-08-01 17:37

Will Cold Affect Stage 3 Kidney Disease PatientWill cold affect stage 3 kidney disease patient ? Actually, for patient with stage 3 kidney disease, they should prevent the factors like cold which may increase the creatinine level and speed up the progression of this disease.

Will cold affect stage 3 kidney disease patient ?

Cold can not only induce kidney damages, but also can cause kidney disease relapse and worsen renal damages. For example, catching cold can cause massive proteinuria, edema, urine occult blood, etc. So kidney disease patient should prevent cold in advance, especially the people who are in stage 3 kidney disease. You know that without good control stage 3 can fall into stage 4, even 5 rapidly, then people have to face dialysis or renal transplant.

If you have got cold, you should take some medicines right now to treat it. Antibiotic is a good choice for treating cold, it has quick anti-inflammatory and anti-bacteria effects. What is more, it is cheap and has no much side effects.

From the above we can know that cold and other infections are common risk factors to worsen kidney disease and induce kidney disease relapse, therefore early and effective prevention measures are very necessary and important. In addition, stage 3 is a vital stage, in this stage the kidneys are damaged mildly so there are still and it can be reversed with timely and properly treatment.

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