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Is Vegetable Protein Easier on Kidneys

2013-10-27 16:39

Patient: My husband has Membranous Nephropathy. I am a vegetarian and I was wondering if vegetable protein is easier on the kidneys.

Is Vegetable Protein Easier on KidneysAnswer: Hey, thanks for trusting us and leaving us message. How is your husband now? Hope he feels better. You asked if vegetable protein is easier on the kidneys. As for this question, I’d like to say “No, compared with vegetable protein, anemia protein is recommended.”

Protein provides our body the essential amino acid and non-essential amino acid. Essential amino acid refers to the amino acid that can not be synthesized in our body, such as Lysine, Tryptophane, Phenylalanine, Methionine and Threonine. We usually get these essential amino acid through foods we eat. High quality protein is especially rich in essential amino acid and it is generally founded in lean meat, fish, egg white and milk. While our body consumed high quality protein, less wastes are formed. However, for vegetable protein, compared with animal protein, it produces more wastes like urea nitrogen. These wastes are normally excreted through kidney, and high production of it will increase kidney burden. Therefore, for kidney disease patients, animal protein is more suitable, compared with vegetable protein.

Besides, you mentioned you are a vegetarian. And if your husband is a vegetarian as well, can arrange some beans and bean products in his diet. In medicine, vegetable protein is divided into two types and they are complete protein and incomplete. Complete protein contains more essential amino acid in comparison with incomplete. In our daily, bean is a good source of complete protein. Therefore, if your husband is a vegetarian too, he can eat some bean and bean products, but remember to limit the intake, as high protein intake will cause further kidney damages.

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