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Stage 4 Kidney Failure, Nausea: What To Do to Ease it

2013-10-28 14:09

Question: My husband is diagnosed with sage 4 kidney failure. He is constantly getting nausea. Is there anything I can give him to help ease that? Thanks a lot.

Stage 4 Kidney Failure, Nausea: What To Do to Ease itAnswer: Nausea is a common complain among people who are living with stage 4 kidney failure. Most of the time, they feel nausea due to high urea nitrogen in blood and this discomfort is especially serious in the morning.

Kidney is a bean-shaped organ which serves us as a filter. Normally, kidney helps us filter blood and during this process, harmful substances like creatinine and urea nitrogen will be removed. However, when kidney function is impaired for some reasons, urea nitrogen and other wastes can not be cleared away timely. As a result, Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN) level increases. In that case, nausea and vomiting appear easily. At night, we seldom drink water and go to urinate, so large amounts of urea nitrogen build up in the blood. For this reason, the concentration of urea nitrogen in blood is higher in the morning. Therefore, you can ask your husband to drink much more water in the morning, and this will help to lower the concentration of urea nitrogen in the blood and thus help to achieve the purpose of remitting nausea.

Besides, urea nitrogen is the end product of protein, so a strict control of protein intake is very helpful for stage 4 kidney failure patients to lower BUN level. Seeing from this point of view, you need to exclude high protein foods while arranging diet for your husband. In addition, you can help your husband to eat some high quality protein like lean meat, fish, egg white and milk, but remember to restrict the quantity.

Lastly, your husband experience nausea due to high BUN level which increases due to decreased kidney function, so only when kidney function is restored effectively, can the feeling of nausea be cured. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a herbal treatment that has been proven to be able to repair injured kidney intrinsic cells. With this treatment, stage 4 kidney failure can be reversed to stage 3 effectively. What is more, it causes no side effects during the whole treatment process.  If you are looking for such a treatment and want to learn more about it, you can contact us to get more detailed information: kidney-treatment@hotmail.com.

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