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Is Dialysis A Must for the Patients with Creatinine 4.6

2017-07-03 11:39

Is Dialysis A Must for the Patients with Creatinine 4.6Patients: Hi, my creatinine level is 4.6. And I am 34 years old. Is dialysis a must for me?

Doctor: Please do not worry. Whether the patients should take dialysis or not depends on patients’ illness conditions. Your creatinine level is too higher than the normal range. Do you any symptoms as swelling, itching skin, protein in urine and others?

Patients: I have light swelling in legs, no itching skin, no protein in urine. And I have trouble with weakness.

Doctor: Ok, I see. Do you have diabetes, hypertension, heart disease or other illnesses?

Patients: None.

Doctors: For your case, you would better to take a strict renal diet, limit the water intakes, have enough rest, etc, so as to slow down the development of the damaged kidney. Please also protect yourself from the cold and infection. Otherwise, your illness may be worse and you will need to do dialysis in the near future.

I recommend you to take Chinese medicine which have less sufferings to alleviate the symptoms and recover the renal function. 

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