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Chinese Herbs for Treating Kidney Cyst

2017-01-12 15:42

Chinese Herbs for Treating Kidney CystIn nowadays, Chinese herbs have been used widely in treating Kidney Cysts, and due to their curative effect, they are getting popular around the world.

What Chinese Herbs are helpful for treating Kidney Cysts?


Cinnamon has many health benefits including lowering blood sugar, reduce cholesterol level, prevent inflammation, anti-bacteria, etc. Talk to the doctor about correct usage of this herb.


A natural antibiotic. It is helpful to lower high blood pressure, reduce cholesterol level, as well as aids in the treatment of edema, fever, headache, insomnia, liver disease, etc.

Grape seed extract

This herb is useful in lowering high blood pressure reducing LDL cholesterol. It may be helpful for reducing kidney damage caused by renal disease. Before taking this supplement, talk with the doctor about proper dosage and possible side effects.

Yin yang huo

This Chinese herb yin yang huo may help with reducing elevated creatinine levels and also help patients suffering from Chronic Renal Failure who require dialysis.

Treatment for kidney cysts

Although those medicines are helpful for treating kidney cysts, but they are not enough to heal this disease. In China, we basically use Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to treat Kidney Cysts, this is a natural treatment with no much side effect. By stopping the further enlargement of renal cysts and shrinking the cyst gradually in size, it can heal kidney cysts from its root.

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