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Can My Father Get Rid of Diaylsys

2017-07-08 11:04

Can My Father Get Rid of DiaylsysPatient from Nigeria 07-06 21:42:00

Hello Doctor.

Kidney-expert 07-06 21:42:09


Kidney-expert 07-06 21:42:12

What can I do for you?

Patient from Nigeria 07-06 21:43:13

My father in-law has been really down with kidney disease.

Kidney-expert 07-06 21:43:36

Do you know his creatinine level now ?

Patient from Nigeria 07-06 21:43:40

Right now as we chat, he is on dialysis.

Kidney-expert 07-06 21:43:51

How long has he been on dialysis? What cause his kidney damage?

Patient from Nigeria 07-06 21:45:21

I’m not so sure. He was really diabetic

Kidney-expert 07-06 21:45:44

Ok,please don't worry. For his case, we can help him to alleviate the sufferings. We use alternative treatment to help the patients remit the symptoms and improve renal function. it is possible for him to get rid of dialysis. With the treatment, he can prolong the period of dialysis and reduce the side effects caused by dialysis at least.

Patients from Nigeria 07-06 21:46:00


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