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What Should We Do For Foamy Urine

2017-07-16 11:06

What Should We Do For Foamy Urinekidney-expert 07-13 13:28:10

What can I do for you?

English visitor 07-13 13:28:25

My mom had CKD problem from 7 months.

kidney-expert 07-13 13:28:39

Do you know her creatinine level now?

English visitor 07-13 13:29:22

At first her creatinine level was 8.3 and she was under dialysis for 3 months.

kidney-expert 07-13 13:29:33

So high. Do you know what cause her kidney damage?

English visitor 07-13 13:30:40

Now her creatinine is 2.8.

English visitor 07-13 13:30:47

53 years. Doctor giving treatment with tabs only.

kidney-expert 07-13 13:32:12

For your mom’s case, her kidney is damaged badly. And she should take a dialysis diet.

English visitor 07-13 13:32:41

I have 1 questions to ask.

English visitor 07-13 13:33:18

What should we do for foamy urine? She is fine physically.

kidney-expert 07-13 13:33:50

It is common for kidney disease patient. We can help your mom to reduce foamy urine. How about this? You send the medical reports to me. And later I will analyze her illness conditions and give you a therapeutic schedule to your mother.

English visitor 07-13 13:34:24


kidney-expert 07-13 13:34:43

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