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What Do You Suggest is the Best Treatment for My Sister

2017-07-15 11:05

What Do You Suggest is the Best Treatment for My SisterAustralian visitor 07-12 13:10:13

Hi, my sister is having Membranous Glomerulonephritis condition with 24 hour protein in urine of 11.7 g. Her creatinine levels is 0.6. What do you suggest is the best treatment for her?

Australian visitor 07-12 13:10:23

She is a doctor by profession.

kidney-expert 07-12 13:10:37

Is she taking any treatments now ?

Australian visitor 07-12 13:11:43

She is on rituximab.

Australian visitor 07-12 13:11:53

But, it is not helping her.

Australian visitor 07-12 13:12:02

She is having swelling in legs and foamy urine.

kidney-expert 07-12 13:12:05

For her case, her kidney renal have been injured, but not very serious. As a matter of fact, her proteinuria and swollen legs are caused by the damaged kidney. When the kidney gets well, the protein in urine and swelling will disappear.

kidney-expert 07-12 13:12:59

Our treatments can help her dispel the protein in urine and swelling. For an example, Toxin-Removing Therapy has a curative ratio as high as 96% to protein in urine and swelling. Furthermore, a series of natural treatments will be used in the treatment. In addition to, some Chinese medicines like Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Immunotherapy will be applied to improve the renal function. Later, your sister can live a normal life.

Australian visitor 07-12 13:14:01

Okay sure, thank you so much!

kidney-expert 07-12 13:14:12

That is my job. I am glad I can help you. If you have any puzzles about kidney in the future, please not shy to contact me. Here is my contact information:

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