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How Failed Kidney Can be Repaired Again

2017-07-21 09:23

How Failed Kidney Can be Repaired Again· Pakistani visitor 07-18 01:46:26

Hello, doctor. I have a question that how failed kidney can be repaired again? If kidney below 15% GFR, which treatments are suggested in this case?

· kidney-expert 07-18 01:46:48


· kidney-expert 07-18 01:46:51

Have you been on dialysis?

· Pakistani visitor 07-18 01:48:32

No. My left kidney is working on 34% GFR. No diabetes, no blood pressure. Aged 43, male.

· kidney-expert 07-18 01:50:35

OK, I see.

· kidney-expert 07-18 01:50:40

What cause your kidney damage?

· Pakistani visitor 07-18 01:52:33

Doctor said there is obstruction in right kidney which is almost failed, left kidney has also obstruction because of a cyst in it.

· kidney-expert 07-18 01:53:05

For your case, Toxin-Removing Therapy can help you diminish the cyst in the kidney and remove the deposited toxins and wastes naturally. To some degree, you can take it instead of dialysis to alleviate the symptoms. It is also beneficial for the kidney to recover. Meanwhile, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy will improve your renal function naturally and gradually.

· Pakistani visitor 07-18 01:53:27

Should I come to your hospital for treatment?

· kidney-expert 07-18 01:53:54

Yes, I am sorry that we do not have any branch in other countries.

· kidney-expert 07-18 01:55:19

If you have any problems later, you can contact me at any time. I will try my best to help you.

Here is my contact information:

E-mail: kidney-treatment@hotmail.com

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