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What is the Condition of Creatinine 2.89

2017-07-26 15:50

Canadian Visitor 07-23 17:38:30

My father is diabetic patient. And his serum creatinine is 2.89.

kidney-expert 07-23 17:38:37

It is high, your father should take a treatment to reduce the creatinine level timely.

kidney-expert 07-23 17:38:41

Does he have back pain or protein in urine now ?

Canadian Visitor 07-23 17:38:50

So, what is the condition?

Canadian Visitor 07-23 17:38:56


kidney-expert 07-23 17:39:15

Creatinine is a waste produced by muscle and it is mainly removed from body by the kidney. When the kidney is damaged more than 50%, the creatinine level will go up. Also, it is considered as an index of renal function. Is he taking any treatments now?

Canadian Visitor 07-23 17:39:52

No. Just we get to know about creatinine.

kidney-expert 07-23 17:40:06

OK, please don't worry. Your father is in an advance stage in which his illness condition will be reversed and he can live a normal life with effective treatments.

Canadian Visitor 07-23 17:40:10

Doctor has suggest for nephrologist.

kidney-expert 07-23 17:40:21

Up to now, your father must following the renal diet and healthy living habits so as to protect the kidney. For example, diets with low salt, low fat, high low-quality protein, low phosphorus, low potassium and high vegetables. Please do not smoking, drinking and eating stimulating food. I suggest your father to take Chinese medicine which can help the kidney disease patients safely and effectively.

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