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What does It Mean to Have A Creatinine Level of 4.4

2017-07-30 11:17

What does it mean to have a creatinine level of 4.4Guest 07-29 00:20:31

What does it mean to have a creatinine level of 4.4? How close it that to kidney failure? Am I in need of dialysis?

kidney-expert 07-29 00:21:02

Creatinine 4.4 is too high. Generally speaking, creatinine 4.4 shows there are more than 70% of the kidney damaged. When your creatinine level reaches up to 5.2, you get into the situation of kidney failure. Now, you are in the stage 3 kidney disease which is an advanced time for you to reverse the illness conditions. You had better adopt an effective treatment as soon as possible.

kidney-expert 07-29 00:21:12

Do you have any symptoms like back pain ,swelling ,protein or blood in urine/

Guest 07-29 00:21:46


Guest 07-29 00:22:30

Just a little nausea.

kidney-expert 07-29 00:22:52

Please do not worry. For your case, you do not need to do dialysis promptly. But if your kidney can not be stopped from going worse, you have to take dialysis in the near future.

kidney-expert 07-29 00:23:03

I recommend you to take Chinese medicine to lower the creatinine 4.5, dispel the nausea and recover the renal function naturally. If you don’t mind, please send your medical reports to me. And thus, I can analyze your illness conditions and give you more proper suggestions on diets and treatments.

kidney-expert 07-29 00:23:12

Here is my contact information:

E-mail: kidney-treatment@hotmail.com

Guest 07-29 00:23:44

OK, thanks.

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