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Would You Tell Me about Chinese Herbs for Treatment of FSGS

2017-08-26 11:02

Would You Tell Me about Chinese Herbs for Treatment of FSGSNew Zealand Guest 08-23 11:04:19

Would you tell me about Chinese herbs for treatment of FSGS?

kidney-expert 08-23 11:04:21


kidney-expert 08-23 11:04:36

Chinese herbs treatments includes Toxin-Removing Therapy, Oral Herbal Chinese Therapy, Medicated Bath, Cycle Therapy, Steaming Therapy and so on. They are able to help the patients from root cause. Do you have trouble with FSGS?

New Zealand Guest 08-23 11:05:20

Yes. I got the FSGS about 14 years ago.

kidney-expert 08-23 11:05:43

Your age and gender?

kidney-expert 08-23 11:05:50

Do you have blood and protein in urine?

New Zealand Guest 08-23 11:08:16

Yes. I am 54 years old. Female

kidney-expert 08-23 11:08:22

I see, for your case, you should take the effective treatments as soon as possible to prevent the kidney from being worse. Otherwise, you will need to take dialysis. Our treatments can help you repair the damaged but not necrotic renal cells and tissues naturally, and thus the kidney function will be improved. You can avoid dialysis.

New Zealand Guest 08-23 11:09:12

I believe Chinese Herbs can treat the FSGS. What are the receipt of combinations herbs?

kidney-expert 08-23 11:08:52

It is based on the patients’ illness conditions and traditional Chinese medicine theories.

New Zealand Guest 08-23 11:21:27

Where is your hospital?

kidney-expert 08-23 11:21:59


New Zealand Guest 08-23 11:22:20

What part of china?

kidney-expert 08-23 11:23:08

Near Beijing.

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