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Is Protein in Urine 3+ Reversible and What Shall I Do Next

2017-09-17 11:47

Is Protein in Urine 3+ Reversible and What Shall I Do NextAmerica Patient 09-16 05:32:24

I have protein leak in urine 3+ and urea nitrogen above normal range by a few point. I have both condition since 2010. Now the leak is increased from trace in 2010 to 3+ in 2017. What shall I do next? Is it reversible?

kidney-expert 09-16 05:32:38

Do you have diabetes, high blood pressure, infection or other problem? These illnesses are easily causing kidney damage.

America Patient 09-16 05:33:04

I have high blood pressure.

kidney-expert 09-16 05:33:17

Got it, are you taking any treatments now?

America Patient 09-16 05:36:03

My medicine is not working, no matter what I do, the blood pressure won't come down. I have tried everything. I have all the symptoms, nausea, loss of appetite, metallic taste in my mouth, itchiness, hypertension, frequent urination during nighttime, fatigue, etc.

kidney-expert 09-16 05:36:14

OK. I see. The reason why you can not control the blood pressure well is the deposited excessive waster and waste products which gathered in the blood rise the blood pressure. You can take some medicine such as Chinese medicine to help you reduce the unnecessary things.

kidney-expert 09-16 05:36:29

Can you tell me what is your creatinine level or GFR?

America Patient 09-16 05:37:09

I have send my report to you. Would you give me some accurate treatments and diets suggestion?

kidney-expert 09-16 05:31:15

OK. I need some time to analyze your test reports. How about this, give me your e-mail, and thus, I will give you more correct information about treatments and diets plan to you.

America Patient 09-16 05:37:21

OK. Thank you in advance.

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