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Can You Explained More About Chinese Therapy

2017-09-18 11:55

Can You Explained More About Chinese TherapyPatient 09-17 21:24:09

I want to know more about Chinese therapy.

kidney-expert 09-17 21:24:44

OK. Chinese therapy is a traditional medicine in China, which has developed and practiced for thousands of years. Now, it combined with modern medical technology to help the patients from the root causes safely and effectively. Are you the kidney patient?

Patient 09-17 21:25:20

No. My father is. Is it available in India?

kidney-expert 09-17 21:25:38

No, but we can give you some advice about our treatment. What is his kidney problem?

Patient 09-17 21:26:20

He has creatinine value of 3.5. His age is 60.

kidney-expert 09-17 21:26:29

It is so high. But do not worry, creatinine 3.5 shows your father is still in the reversible stage kidney disease. I need to know more details about his illness condition. And then, does he have diabetes, high blood pressure, or other problem?

Patient 09-17 21:26:43


kidney-expert 09-17 21:26:55

Got it. Does he feel any discomforts now? Like fatigue, swelling, protein in urine, blood in urine, back pain and so on.

Patient 09-17 21:27:06

Only fatigue. Sometimes, blood appears in urine.

kidney-expert 09-17 21:27:19

That is because the kidney can not work well. For your father’s case, various toxins and wastes are built up in his body, which can also make the further damage to his kidneys. I recommend his take Toxin-Removing Therapy as well as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to clean up all these harmful substances and repair the diseased kidney.

Patient 09-17 21:28:08

Can you explain how your treatment works? Do it have any dangers? What is the cure rate? And how much it costs?

kidney-expert 09-17 21:28:14

OK. That depends on the patients’ illness conditions. Our treatments have less side effects. Can you send the medical reports to kidney-treatment@hotmail.com? And thus, I can tell you more information.

Patient 09-17 21:28:43

OK, Please reply me as soon as possible. I am very worried. Thank you doctor.

kidney-expert 09-17 21:28:51

Your welcome. I will reply you in 24 hour. Please check your e-mail.

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