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Is There Any Treatment For A 4 Years Girl with Nephrotic Syndrome

2017-10-01 14:55

treatment for a 4 years girl, nephrotic syndrome, alternative treatmentVisitor 09-18 02:57:00

Hi, I want to know if this treatment is really effective, we have a 4 year old girl, she was diagnosed 9 months ago with nephrotic syndrome. And now they want to give here more medicines, but we don't like this. We want to try something alternative.

kidney-expert 09-18 02:57:11

Please do not worry, we can help you. Does she have swelling or protein in urine now? What medicine she is taking now?

Visitor 09-18 02:58:18

Protein yes, and because this time she hasn't any swelling, they did a biopsy. She takes a lot, corticoids, and another to help the kidney, phosphate.

kidney-expert 09-18 02:58:31

OK, I see. These treatments can help her manage the protein in urine, swelling and other symptoms, but do not work well on kidneys. Is she taking the renal diets now?

Visitor 09-18 03:00:07

Yes. It is under the control. Can you tell me how your treatment works?

kidney-expert 09-18 03:00:19

Well, we use Chinese medicine which is practised in treating the patients from root cause in China for thousands of years to help the patients resume. Now, for the past few years, it has showed the remarkable effects on helping the nephropathy syndrome recover the kidney function.

Visitor 09-18 03:01:27

Can it cure my daughter? Is it really safe?

kidney-expert 09-18 03:01:44

As only herbs and external application therapies are applied in the treatment, you do not need to worry about the side effects. In fact, it can help her make the proteinuria become negative and dispel other discomforts, and then, these symptoms can not relapse easily with inductive factors. Later, her diets would not be managed so strictly. If you are interested in it, please send the medical reports to us. We will try our best to help her.

Visitor 09-18 03:02:13

I'd really appreciate that. Thank you very much.

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