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What is Opinion of My Husband with Creatinine 8.7 and No Dialysis

2017-10-02 16:05

creatinine 8.7, no dialysis, treatment optionGuest 09-25 14:44:12

My husband's creatinine is 8.7 and bun is 79 not on dialysis yet.

kidney-expert 09-25 14:45:03

So high. Does he have diabetes, high blood pressure, or other problem?

Guest 09-25 14:45:35

Yes all of the above along with myopathic ischemia.

kidney-expert 09-25 14:45:46

I see. Please do not worry, we will try our best to help him recover.

Guest 09-25 14:46:15

I am worried, since he is already a transplant patient. He had non-related donor - kidney transplant in 2001.

kidney-expert 09-25 14:46:33

Got it. We adopt Chinese medicine to help the patients rebuild the kidney function naturally. And thus, your husband can live a steady live.

Guest 09-25 14:47:41

Can he be cured with your treatments?

kidney-expert 09-25 14:47:59

I am sorry that we can not save the necrotic renal cells. What we can do for him is to activate the kidney intrinsic cells and improve the kidney function in some points. That is to say, his kidney function can not be repaired to normal thoroughly.

Guest 09-25 14:48:17

Would you help him avoid kidney transplant? Or your hospital can offer kidney transplant for him?

kidney-expert 09-25 14:48:24

As for kidney transplant, we have the kidney specialists good at kidney transplant. Our treatment can help him reduce creatinine level naturally. As his creatinine level is so high, I need to know more about his conditions. Can you send his latest medical reports to me?

Guest 09-25 14:54:26

I have send it to you. Can you give me the answer now?

kidney-expert 09-25 14:55:02

I need some time to analysis it. How about this, give me your e-mail address, I will send the detailed information about treatments to you within 24 hours.

Guest 09-25 14:55:29

OK. Please reply me send me as soon as possible.

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