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Can I Get Your Advice On Kidney Problem for My Mum with Creatinine 12.9

2017-10-22 11:16

is there anyone with kidney problem?Visitor 10-18 23:27:36

Can I get your advice on kidney problem?

kidney-expert 10-18 23:27:52

Yes, do you know what is your creatinine level?

Visitor 10-18 23:33:59

My mom is diabetic patient since 2007. In 2016 creatinine level was 6. In March it was 9. We went for dialysis. After five dialysis it is 6. Day before yesterday it came to creatinine 12.9. Urea 169.

kidney-expert 10-18 23:34:46

Got it. Dialysis is only to remove some toxins and wastes products from body by a machine. Since it does not work on repairing the kidneys, the creatinine level will go up to high over and over again. That is to say, your mum need to go for dialysis regularly.

Visitor 10-18 23:36:51

Please suggest some treatment. She does not want to go through it any more.

kidney-expert 10-18 23:37:31

Well, as long as she still has urine output, she can choose Chinese medicine to improve the kidney function and thus lower the creatinine and urea level naturally and effectively. We adopt Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Toxin-Removing Therapy, Steaming Therapy and others to help the patients repair kidney damage and enhance renal function. But, which one is suitable for her depends on her specific physical situation.

Visitor 10-18 23:37:37

Can you account for it in details?

kidney-expert 10-18 23:37:40

Limited by word here, we can send you some related information about the treatment. Can you give me some personally information, like age, country and contact information? If you do not mind, please send her medical reports to me, and then I will know more about her illness condition.

Visitor 10-18 23:38:11

64, India, mobile. I am very worried, please reply me as soon as possible.

kidney-expert 10-18 23:38:36

OK. I will reply you within 24 hour. Have a good day.

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