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How Can My Husband Get Recurrent Blood in Urine Cured

2017-11-10 11:11

How Can My Husband Get Recurrent Blood in Urine CuredVisitor 11-06 20:21:38

Hi, doctor. I am asking for my husband who had blood in urine and was treated and it reoccurred and treated and right now it seems the same eventuality is coming up again but this time round with inflammation of the both kidney. Is it serious? How can he get it cured?

kidney-expert 11-06 20:21:44

How long does he have blood in urine?

Visitor 11-06 20:23:33

About one year.

kidney-expert 11-06 20:23:49

Does he have swelling, back pain, protein in urine and other discomforts?

Visitor 11-06 20:30:52

Back pain and swelling. He also gets fatigue easily.

kidney-expert 11-06 20:31:11

Do you know his creatinine level or kidney function?

Visitor 11-06 20:32:20

It is 2.3 three month ago. And he has checked today.

kidney-expert 11-06 20:32:35

Got it. Please do not worry. His case is not very serious. Firstly, he would better to dispel the inflammation in the kidneys as it will lead to further kidney damage, and his kidney function will be less and less. The blood in urine usually shows his kidney is damaged, and it can not prevent the read blood cells from leakage and absorb them back to body. In a word, it is a common symptom of kidney damage. But, there are other cases can cause it, please take some checks to confirm whether the condition is caused by kidney problem.

kidney-expert 11-06 20:32:52

Beside, he needs to pay more attention to his diets, and have a routine lifestyle. It can help him maintain the illness condition in some points. Also, we can help him to dispel the blood urine fundamentally. Please give me your e-mail address, I will send you the details. By the way, can I have your complete phone number(+country code), whatsapp or skype to contact you directly? If necessary.

Visitor 11-06 20:33:12

Thank you, doctor. Though I was called concerning the condition of him in hospital but as soon as I get more information I will let you know. Meanwhile you can send the information and advice through my email: .

kidney-expert 11-06 20:39:57

We will contact you within 24h. Have a good day!

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