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How Can I Liberated from itchy, I Am A Kidney Patient with Creatinine 6.1

2017-11-11 09:13

How Can I Liberated from itchy, I Am A Kidney Patient with Creatinine 6.1Visitor 11-06 15:42:57

I am feeling very itchy.

kidney-expert 11-06 15:43:05

Hi, do you have kidney disease? It is a common symptom of kidney damage, caused by the deposited poisons and excessive phosphorus.

Visitor 11-06 15:43:37

Yaa. I m a kidney patient.

kidney-expert 11-06 15:43:59

What is your creatinine level or GFR?

Visitor 11-06 15:44:15


kidney-expert 11-06 15:44:29

It is very high. Have you been on dialysis?

Visitor 11-06 15:44:43

Not yet. I am not serious enough to require dialysis.

kidney-expert 11-06 15:44:52

OK. I am sorry. Some patients with creatinine 6.1 have started dialysis because of the grievous complications. Please do not worry, we can help you.

Visitor 11-06 15:45:08


kidney-expert 11-06 15:45:12

We adopted Chinese medicines to help you lower the creatinine level and dispel the itchy radically and safely. In another word, we can help you to improve your kidney function naturally and effectively.

kidney-expert 11-06 15:45:12

The details can not be made clear in a few word, I’d like to send you more related information and alternative treatment advice to help lower your high creatinine level and improve your kidney function, what is your email or whatsapp for us to send the details?

Visitor 11-06 15:45:35

E-mail is. I think it is enough for you to contact me. And I will give my phone number after communicate with you.

kidney-expert 11-06 15:45:42

OK. I will contact you within 24 hours. Please check you e-mail box.

Visitor 11-06 15:46:00

Thank you very much.

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