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How Can My Mother Relief Kidney Problem Without Dialysis

2017-11-14 13:31

Visitor 11-07 01:16:36

She is now 62 years. Her sugar is now in control but pressure is high. How can she relief kidney problem without dialysis?

renal-onlinedoctor 11-07 01:17:03

The kidney damage can cause the elevated blood pressure, and it is very hard to lowered it down. Do you know her creatinine level or kidney function?

Visitor 11-07 01:20:42

It is 5.5. And the doctor had suggested dialysis and transplantation, she refused.

renal-onlinedoctor 11-07 01:21:17

It is above the normal range. Any symptoms now? Like foamy urine, swelling, fatigue, back pain, anemia, itching, etc?

Visitor 11-07 01:24:24

Her urine not enough. And her body now seem like balloon, most of leg.

renal-onlinedoctor 11-07 01:25:01

I see. It may be induced by the redundant water which should be carried out from the cell space and excreted from body through the kidneys. Moreover, is her on hormonotherapy? It is also a common side effects of hormonotherapy.

Visitor 11-07 01:25:12

No, she takes no medicines except for manage the blood pressure and diabetes. Can you answer my question? I am very worried.

renal-onlinedoctor 11-07 01:26:59

Ok. Please do not worry. We can help her to recover the kidney function with natural treatments. And it can not be cleared with a few words. Besides, I need to know more about her illness conditions. Can you give me her medical reports for me to have an analysis? Later, I will send you related information and treatment advice to help. What is your phone number or email address ?

Visitor 11-07 01:28:02

You sent advice in mail. I will give you her test reports soon.

renal-onlinedoctor 11-07 01:28:20

Ok, I will contact you as soon as possible . Have a good day .

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