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What Can I Do to Take My Creatinine Down and Prevent it Going Up Again

2017-11-20 11:13

What Can I Do to Take My Creatinine Down and Prevent it Go Up AgainVisitor 11-16 04:56:53

In last few days, there was certain increase in creatinine level in blood.

kidney-expert 11-16 04:57:05

Creatinine is considered as an evaluation indicator of how well the kidney is operating in clinic. And the increased creatinine level shows the kidney function is lowered. Do you know what is your creatinine level now?

Visitor 11-16 04:57:31

It had increasing trend and it increased from 1.5 to 6.8 within a span of 9 days.

kidney-expert 11-16 04:58:05

It is very high. Have you been on dialysis? Do you have cold, infection, or other illnesses?

Visitor 11-16 04:58:19

After taking meropenem antibiotic. Now its reducing.

kidney-expert 11-16 04:58:30

I see. As the antibiotic usually has renal toxicity, please take it under the guidance and monitoring of a doctor. What is your creatinine level now? Do you know what is your GFR?

Visitor 11-16 04:58:46

In last three days its reduced by 1.8. Today’s creatinine level was 5.1. Actually there was an infection in UTI.

kidney-expert 11-16 04:59:27

Please control the infection as possibly as you could, if you can not manage it in time, more kidney cells will be died and your kidney will failed. At that time, you can not avoid dialysis or kidney transplant. Do you have diabetes, high blood pressure, or other problem?

Visitor 11-16 04:59:30

Yes. Diabetes and High Blood Pressure.

kidney-expert 11-16 04:59:32

I see. These are also inductive factors of kidney problem. You ought to make both blood sugar and blood pressure under the normal range.

Visitor 11-16 04:59:54

Now, with the help of medicines it is coming down. What can I do to take it down? Can you advise something?

kidney-expert 11-16 05:00:03

Except for diets control, you can take some Chinese medicines to repair the kidney damage and improve kidney function effectively and naturally. And thus, your creatinine level will be lowered fundamentally. I will send the details to you. Can you give me your personally contact information?

Visitor 11-16 05:00:11

OK. E-mail id: . Number: . Thank you in advance.

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