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Can You Help Me to Get Rid of Dialysis While I am Urine Well

2017-12-11 11:12

Can You Help Me to Get Rid of Dialysis While I am Urine WellPatient: I have been on dialysis for about one month, but I do not want to endure it any more. I am still urine well. Can you help me?

Doctor: Hi. Please do not worry. In our hospital, we adopted Chinese medicine to help the patients from root causes, that is to say, from reviving diseased kidneys and improving certain renal function. If you are interested in it, you can come over and have a try.

Patient: I have seen your treatments in website. I’m interested in your treatment plan but we have to sell first our property.

Doctor: Frankly speaking, we do can help you repair the damaged inherent renal cells and improve your kidney function in a certain way. Reduce dialysis cycle. Since your start dialysis is not long, and still have urine. That means there are big opportunity for you to get rid of dialysis. Without learn the treatment totally and sell your property is not a wise decision. I really want to help you to relieve the sufferings. for long time dialysis can only make you weaker and weaker. Dialysis cannot help you improve your own kidney function, while cause many complication at the same time. So I recommend you can come to our hospital with your sister, to have a face to face communication with our expert team, after knowing very exactly here, then decide to whether continue to be treated here or return to your local and continue the dialysis.

Doctor: I heard of it. For kidney failure patients, more earlier treatment is better, can avoid more inherent renal cells dead, and more serious complications like heart problems, congestion. I wonder am I make it clear to you?

Patient: Yes, I understand your point of view.

Doctor: Okay. May I know your opinion?

Patient: I need to talk about it with my family. Let's keep in touch.

Doctor: OK, if you need any help, please do not hesitate to contact, I will try my best to help you.

Patient: Thank you.

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