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What Do You Think Do I Go To Have Dialysis Future Again with Creatinine 250

2017-12-26 14:40

What Do You Think Do I Go To Have Dialysis Future Again with Creatinine 250Visitor 12-25 21:26:44

Hello, I have a question about my kidneys. I had an overdose and had dialysis for a week or 2 every day. Creatinine was 500. After I went home legs were still swelling but then after few days swelling gone. Then after 7 days, creatinine was 250. Now 3 weeks almost without dialysis and I’m not swelling at all but have to drink not more then 2 liters in day. In January 4 going to see my doctor. What do you think do I go to have dialysis in future again or not If every thing is going to be better then 250?

kidney-expert 12-25 21:27:09

Hello. Your kidney problem is caused by drug damage, right? The patients with acute kidney failure have some chances to improve some renal function after several dialysis in which the dangerous substances can be cleaned away. You said your creatinine is maintaining at about 250. It may be a sign you now are in the stage 3 chronic kidney disease (CKD). In CKD stage 3, the patients are in a key time to reverse illness conditions. Is the urine output still good?

Visitor 12-25 21:28:08

In 24 hours I’m peeing like 2250 ml orsmth but sometimes less. But not less then 1500.

kidney-expert 12-25 21:28:39

Do you have diabetes, high blood pressure, or other problem?

Visitor 12-25 21:30:32

C hepatitis and like high blood pressure after the kidney failure. I’m having a pills for blood pressure and capsules for Lasix retard 60mg and Xanax because I was and addict.

kidney-expert 12-25 21:30:50

I see, your high blood pressure is a complication of kidney problem. And it can also be controlled as your kidney function is improved. What you need to do is to see whether you can make your creatinine level lower. Also, you had better take effective treatments to recover certain kidney function as soon as possible. I can give you more information about the diets and treatments suggestions to you by other ways, can you give me your e-mail or phone?

Visitor 12-25 21:31:46

Yes. But I’m in Estonia

kidney-expert 12-25 21:32:01

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