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What are the Alternative Treatment for Kidney Cysts Patients

2014-01-14 01:46

What are the Alternative Treatment for Kidney Cysts Patients Patient: My wife had some back and side pain...a lot, so we went and had it diagnosed. It was a large kidney cyst, and she had a procedure where they inserted a tube into her side and drained the fluid and put an alcohol treatment into her. She was feeling better about a week after the surgery and is now back into the same pain as before. How can we stop her pain and what should we do?

Doctor: Hi, from your description, I get the illness condition of your wife. The kidney cyst is a common kidney disease with round pouches of fluid that form in the kidneys. Usually the kidney cysts can be associated with serious disorders that may impair the kidney function. Besides, with the enlargement of kidney cysts, people may also suffer from some bad symptoms, such as high blood pressure and back and side pain. If the kidney cysts rupture, people will get serious pain and complications. Therefore, patients should pay attention to their kidney cysts, and have prompt and effective treatment to remedy the kidney cysts.

Surgery is a common treatment for kidney cysts, but it cant prevent the continued enlargement of the kidney cysts. So kidney cysts patients should have some alternative treatments to shrink the kidney cysts.

Here we recommend Chinese medicine to shrink kidney cysts, and the Chinese herbal medicine do a great job in treating the kidney cysts. Some Chinese herbs can help shrink the kidney cysts, and repair the damaged kidney tissues, which can help prevent the further damage of kidney function caused by kidney cysts. Beside, we also use some other Therapies to shrink the kidney cysts, which contain acupuncture therapy, Medicated bath therapy, Foot bath therapy and so on. Through a systemic treatment for kidney cysts, patients will have great improvements on their illness condition. And the Chinese therapies can help build up the immune system and make patients get rid of infections, which will help prevent the further damage of the kidneys.

I hope your wife can get the most right treatment on her kidney cysts, and reduce her pain. And the right treatment will make her preventing the kidney failure, and make a good life expectancy for her.

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