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Can it be Cured for 32 Years Diabetes and Creatinine Level 1.38

2014-01-22 03:13

Can it be Cured for 32 Years Diabetes and Creatinine Level 1.38Patient: My mother was suffering from diabetes for 32 years and now her creatinine level is 1.38 mg/dl. Can it be cured for her condition?

Doctor: I get your question from my assistant. Your mother has diabetes for 32 years, and diabetes is one of the most common leading causes of kidney disease. So the long-term diabetes will cause kidney disease. Your mother has creatinine level 1.38 which is a little higher than the normal level 0.5-1.3, but the elevated creatinine level means your mother has less than 50% kidney function. This means your mother has been got kidney disease, and diabetes has caused severe kidney damage.

With less than 50% kidney function, i have to tell you that there is no cure for the kidney damage. But this doesn’t mean you should give up to the treatment, and with proper and effective treatment, your mother’s condition can be improved.

The kidney disease is mainly about the glomeruli damage. There are more than 1 million glomeruli in on kidney, for your mother, the glomeruli in her kidney can be divided into 3 parts. One part of glomeruli are healthy, and they are maintaining the rest kidney function. On part of glomeruli have been damaged due to lack of blood and oxygen in kidneys, and the last part have been got sclerosis and they cant work any more, and this part cant be cured any more.

In this condition, if your mother has effective treatment to repair the damaged glomeruli and protect the residual kidney function, the kidney function will be improved as well. We recommend your mother to try Chinese herbal hot compress therapy, which uses the Chinese herbs and modern technology. Through the therapy, the herbs can work on kidneys directly, which can improve the blood circulation and supply enough nutrition for kidneys, and the kidney function can be improved. If you want to get the detailed treatment information for your mother, you can send her test report to kidney-treatment@hotmail.com, our experts can make a systemic treatment project to her. I hope your mother will be get well as soon as possible.

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