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What Diet would be Taken by Kidney Patient with High BP and Diabetes

2014-01-23 06:53

What Diet would be Taken by Kidney Patient with High BP and DiabetesQUESTION: What diet would be taken by kidney patient with high BP and diabetes ?

ANSWER: I received this question from a kidney disease patients, who have both high blood pressure and diabetes. As we know, high blood pressure and diabetes are the two common leading causes of kidney disease, so kidney patients need to firmly control their high blood pressure and high blood sugar, which can help prevent the further damage of their kidneys. Keep a kidney-friendly diet will be helpful for kidney patients with high BP and diabetes.

1. Limit the salt intake

Too much salt intake will cause fluid retention for kidney patients, and it will also cause high blood pressure, so patients need to limit their salt intake. Besides, they should also limit the processed foods, which contains lots of sodium.

2. Limit the sugar intake

Because the high blood sugar, kidney disease patients need to limit their fluid intake, as high blood sugar level will increase kidney failure.

3. Limit fluid intake

Because of the reduced kidney function, the kidneys cant discharge the excess fluid into urine, which will cause swelling and high blood pressure, so they also need to limit their fluid intake.

4. Take more vegetables and fruits

Patients are recommended to take more vegetables and fruits in their daily diet, because fruits and vegetables contain numerous vitamin and other nutrition, which can help improve patients’ immunity and protect the residual kidney function. But kidney patients need to choose the proper foods depending on their illness condition. Foe example, if they have high potassium level, they need to limit the high potassium fruits and vegetables.

Above are the suggested diet for kidney patients with high blood pressure and diabetes, but the illness condition is different from case to case, patients need to make a specific diet plan for their illness. You can send your test report to kidney-treatment@hotmail.com, then you can get a free recipe for your kidney disease.

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