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Why Creatinine Level Still Increases after Dialysis

2014-02-15 08:25

Why Creatinine Level Still Increases after DialysisQuestion: My mother has kidney disease and she is on dialysis for a month now, but his creatinine is increased all the time. Her creatinine was 5.8, then 7.0 and now it is 8.6, and I think the creatinine level should be reduced after dialysis. Can you tell me the reason?

Answer: Dialysis is a common treatment for kidney failure patients, which can substitute the kidneys to work, and through dialysis, the wastes and toxins can be excreted out and the blood will be purified. In this process, the creatinine can be removed from blood as well. So, in general, the high creatinine level can be reduced after dialysis. However, your mother has a elevated creatinine level after dialysis, there are some factors that may cause this situation.

- Inadequate dialysis

This can cause dialysis cant help filter out the toxins and excess fluid from blood, so more and more creatinine will be gradually build up in blood, this will cause increased high creatinine level.

- Dialysis fail to work

Although dialysis is suitable for most of the kidney failure patients, but they cant work well for all the kidney failure patients. If dialysis cant work for your mother, her creatinine level will be increased as well. In this condition, she need to have other treatments for her illness.

Therefore, you should find the basic cause of elevated creatinine level for your mother, and have effective treatments to treat this condition. Early and effective treatment will be good for your mother.

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