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Can You Give Me Some Suggestions With Creatinine 7.6

2014-02-19 06:35

Can You Give Me Some Suggestions With Creatinine 7.6  Question: I just had a blood test, and the creatinine result was 7.6 mg/dl. The doctor told me to shift to vegetarian, is creatinine 7.6 serious? Can you give me some suggestions with creatinine 7.6?

Answer: I get your information from our e-mail box kidney-treatment@hotmail.com. Depending on your description, I can give you some suggestions, and I hope my question can help you.

As we know, high creatinine level is often regarded as a sign for severe damaged kidneys, and your creatinine level is 7.6 mg/dl, which is much better than the normal level 0.5-1.3 mg/dl. Creatinine level 7.6 means that you have less than 50% kidney function, in this condition, you need to have immediate diagnosis about your kidney disease. When you get the type of your kidney disease, then you can know what caused your kidney disease and have effective treatment to remedy your kidney disease.

Your doctor said you need to shift to a vegetarian, because creatinine is the metabolites of the meat we take, so limiting the meat intake can help you reduce the creatinine level in your blood, which can help reduce the kidney burden and help protect the residual kidney function. So you need to keep vegetarian diet, besides, you also need to keep a low-salt, low-protein diet and limit your fluid intake. Meanwhile, you should regulate the electrolyte balance of your body, and supply enough Vitamins.

On the other hand, you need also to remedy your kidney disease, because the creatinine is mainly excreted by kidneys, if you don’t repair your kidney damage, the creatinine level will be increased continually. We recommend you to have Chinese herbal treatment to remedy your kidney disease, which can help repair the damaged kidney tissues and improve your kidney function. Only your kidney function is improved, your creatinine can be reduced fundamentally.

Above are my suggestions for your high creatinine level 7.6, if you still have some questions, you can e-mail me back.

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