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What Medicine can a Kidney Patient Take When the Legs are Swollen

2014-05-23 06:56

What Medicine can a Kidney Patient Take When the Legs are SwollenWhat medicine can a kidney disease patient take when the legs are swollen? Many patients have consulted us about this question. Give below is our detailed suggestions. Read on or chat with our online doctor for free advice.

Leg swelling generally occurs because of an abnormal accumulation of fluid in the tissues of the lower extremity. Treatment of this problem often means treating the underlying cause. It is always advisable to talk with the doctor about taking medication like diuretic (“water pill”). For personalized suggestions, please Email us at kidney-treatment@hotmail.com. Our kidney doctors will reply you soon with helpful information.

Besides taking medicine, there are also natural remedies as below to cure or alleviate swollen legs.

- Use a stool or pillows to prop up the part of body that is affected by swelling. The body part should be raised to a level slightly above the heart.

- Massage the swollen body part.

- Decrease the intake of salt. Limit the intake of salty foods like prepackaged snacks, fried food and fast food. Talk to your doctor about the specific among of sodium you should be taking in every day.

- Try herbal remedies. Studies have revealed that herbs or herbal extracts may cause a reduction in swelling. Try the following herbs like dandelion leaf, grape-seed extract, nettle, horsetail, etc.

- Get treated for underlying cause: damaged kidney function. Natural remedy known as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy has been shown quite effective to repair the impaired renal inherent cells and restore the overall kidney function. In this way, swollen legs in kidney disease will be eliminated naturally. To learn more information, please check Here.

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