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How to Prevent Kidney Failure for FSGS Patients

2014-01-24 01:31

How to Prevent Kidney Failure for FSGS PatientsHow to prevent kidney failure for FSGS patients? FSGS (Focal Segmental Glomerulous Sclerosis) is an abnormal kidney condition with the glomeruli are damaged. When the FSGS cant be treated effectively and promptly, patients will develop into kidney failure. So knowing how important to prevent FSGS developing into kidney failure is necessary for every FSGS patients.

Before explain the above question, we need to know the relationship between FSGS and kidney failure.

Then how does FSGS cause kidney failure?

FSGS refers to the damage of part of the glomeruli, and if it cant be treated promptly and effectively, the glomeruli will be damaged more severely. The glomeruli are very important in the kidney function, which can help filter the blood. If the glomeruli are damaged severely, the kidney function will fail to work, and the wastes and toxins will build up in blood, which will cause some serious symptoms for people. Kidney failure is an illness condition which means the kidney function is reduced severely. For FSGS patients, if the glomeruli are injured and fail to work properly, they will in the condition of kidney failure. Kidney failure is a serious condition, when the kidney function fail to work seriously, patients have to live on dialysis or ait for a kidney transplant. So FSGS patients need to prevent kidney failure as early as possible.

How to prevent kidney failure for FSGS patients?

In order to prevent the kidney failure for FSGS patients, they need to stop the illness progression.

- Control the symptoms

For FSGS patients, they often have some obvious symptoms such as high blood pressure and proteinuria. Patients need to firmly control these symptoms, because the uncontrolled symptoms will cause further damage to kidneys, which will increase the progression of kidney failure.

- Keep a kidney-friendly diet

All the kidney disease patients should keep a kidney-friendly diet, which can help reduce the kidney burden and protect the residual kidney function. A well-planed diet will help remit the serious symptoms as well, which can help prevent kidney failure.

- Repair the damaged glomeruli and protect the residual kidney tissues

Only controlling the symptoms and keeping a kidney-friendly diet cant prevent the kidney failure fundamentally, FSGS patients need to remedy their kidney damage. We recommend them to use Chinese therapies, which can help repair the injured glomeruli and protect the residual kidney function. Through a systemic treatment, the kidney function can be improved effectively, then patients can prevent the progression of kidney failure.

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