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Can FSGS Disappear

2013-11-16 09:19

Can FSGS DisappearBecause of a reaction of immune system to some harmful things, FSGS occurs when small scarrings develop in a part of glomeruli. Once these glomeruli are damaged, can they still be repaired? Or, can FSGS disappear?

Before reading this article, I believe you have referred to a lot of other information. It is more likely that most of those information makes you disappointed. However, what is the fact? Read on to find the answer by yourself.

How do the scarrings in glomeruli form?

When harmful foreign things invade the kidneys, inherent glomerular cells will get different extent of stimulation to produce a large amount of cell factors. Then, these cell factors can activate glomerular cells to cause the increase of extracellular matrix and leakage of blood plasma. Finally, scarrings form in these cells as less blood and oxygen supplements for glomerular cells. We call this condition FSGS.

Is it possible to make scarrings in glomeruli disappear?

The answer changes from case to case. If patients’ kidney scarring is severe, it is impossible to cure it completely and what we can do is to stop their illness condition from worsening. If the extent of kidney damage isn’t so severe, it is still possible to repair damaged kidney cells.

How to treat FSGS safely and effectively?

The treatment should include kidney-friendly diet plan, healthy lifestyle and correct medical treatment.

To develop a scientific diet, the amount of sodium and protein should be restricted. If patients have heavy proteinuria, they had better choose some high-quality protein such as fish and gee white. Besides, they should also limit intake of phosphorus and potassium if they have high phosphorus or potassium level.

In order to prevent kidney scarrings from aggravating, FSGS patients should quit smoking and alcohol.

Finally, to alter the change of ischemia and anoxia and excess extracellular matrix in glomeruli, some herbal medicines are helpful. With properties of degrading extracellular matrix and increasing the blood flow through kidneys, correct herbal medicines can help a lot. To know what herbs are useful for you, leave a message below and email to kidney-treatment@hotmail.com. Therefore, we can find your question and give you the answer timely.

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