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How Can Chinese Herb Medicine Help to Cure FSGS

2014-10-02 14:15

How Can Chinese Herb Medicine Help to Cure FSGSKnowing the disease clearly will help us to cure it, so before giving the answers “How can Chinese Herb Medicine help to cure FSGS ?” i will share you some informations about it.

Why people will get the FSGS ? The mainly reason is the immune system is not strong enough to prevent those foreign invaders, such as massive bacteria, virus. When those antigen enter into body, it will produce many antibodies to fight with antigen, and during this course, massive immune complex could be produced and enter into blood circulation. When the blood flows through kidney, this immune complex can deposit on the glomerular capillary loops and cause the damage of the epithelial cells. The damaged epithelial cells turn into the myofibroblast which generate the glomerular sclerosis and then start the process of renal fibrosis.

Knowing the underlying reasons of this disease, that can help us to make corresponding treatment plan well. In our hospital, the mainly remedies we used are based on traditional Chinese Herb Medicine.

You know China is rather famous for the Chinese herb medicine with little side effects and the Chinese herb medicine has been proved to be with great effectiveness in improving the blood circulation inner the kidney and protecting the kidney function. There are several kinds of methods such as Micro-Chinese Osmotherapy, Herbal Circling Therapy, Herbal Medicated Bath Therapy, Oral Herbal Medicine Therapy, High Retention Herbal Enema Therapy, Herbal Feet Bath Therapy, Herbal Acupuncture and Moxibustion Therapy, Herbal Reinforcing and Nourishing Therapy etc. During treatment, doctors will combined them together according to needed. Cooperate with each other, those therapies have remarkable effect in curing kidney disease, including FSGS.

In one word, Chinese Herb Medicine can help to reverse FSGS by repairing the damaged renal tissues and improving the kidney function. If you have other question, please contact our online doctor or leave messages to us, we will help you to fight with this disease.

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