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Is Stage 3 Kidney Disease with FSGS Curable

2014-11-11 18:08

Is Stage 3 Kidney Disease with FSGS CurableIs stage 3 Kidney Disease with FSGS curable ? It is known that FSGS is hard to be cured, patient’s who don’t respond to steroid drug well are at high risk in getting Kidney Failure, so people are wondering if this disease is curable, especially those people who are in stage 3, because they are suffering more symptoms then.

Actually, when FSGS develops into stage 3, kidney function will lower than 60%. If uncontrolled effectively, FSGS at stage 3 may progress into stage 4, even End Stage Renal Disease, which is also known as Uremia gradually. Therefore, the control of this stage is very important, it is related to the prognosis directly.

Through immunofluorescence examination, C3, IgM or C1q is usually found in kidney scarring or sclerosis area. In some cases, IgM or C3, rarely IgG and IgA may be found in mesangial area. From this point, FSGS has a close link with immune disorder. Therefore, if patients want to reverse their kidney damage, treatments that can help remove these immune complexes and rebuild kidney structure and immune system are in demand.

Until now, no specific treatment can make Stage 3 FSGS back to normal. That is to say, FSGS at stage 3 can not be reversed completely, but that not mean this disease can not be controlled. At present, some therapies are still available to reverse patients’ kidney damage and make patients live just like normal people and Immunotherapy is one of them.

Compared with conventional medications and therapies, Immunotherapy has two outstanding therapeutic effects. One is to remove immune complexes repeatedly for achieving a clean internal environment, and the other is to repair damaged kidney cells in order to restore kidney structure. Additionally, Immunotherapy can also prevent immune complexes from depositing in kidney areas again. That means this therapy can control stage 3 FSGS and prevent it from relapse.

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