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How to Treat FSGS Effectively with Traditional Chinese Medicine

2015-05-18 17:15

How to Treat FSGS Effectively with Traditional Chinese MedicineHow to treat FSGS effectively with Traditional Chinese Medicine ? FSGS is one condition that causes more and more kidney filters to be scarred, if uncontrolled effectively. In recent years, traditional Chinese medicine has been used widely to deal with FSGS kidney disease, because of fewer side effects.

FSGS kidney disease has a close link with immune disorder. Apart from the primary pathogenic causes, some complications such as high blood pressure and proteinuria can also speed up the aggravation of focal segmental glomerular sclerosis. From this point, TCM should treat FSGS from the following aspects.

1. Regulate the immune system

When immune system becomes abnormal, harmful substances will grasp the chance to attack the body. Then, these antigens combining with antibodies may form immune complexes. As long as these immune complexes accumulate in kidneys and induce inflammatory reactions, FSGS may appear easily. From this point, patients should take some Chinese medicines that can help regulate the immune system and maintain the stable internal environment.

2. Manage complications

As the above mentioned, proteinuria and high blood pressure may worsen patients’ prognosis, and they are two common symptoms of FSGS. Fortunately, many Chinese medicines have the properties of easing swelling and lowering high blood pressure. To learn what medicines can help ease your problems, you can consult the doctor in detail.

3. Protect the residual kidney functioning tissues

The gradual loss of kidney function can induce a lot of problems and discomforts. To treat FSGS effectively, patients should take some Chinese medicines that can help improve patients’ damaged kidneys and protect the remaining kidney functioning tissues.

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