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Will FSGS Lead to Kidney Failure and How to Treat It

2015-06-15 16:17

Will FSGS Lead to Kidney Failure and How to Treat ItWill FSGS led to kidney failure ? You know, FSGS is caused by the decrease of immunity, it is a kidney disorder which can cause glomeruloscleosis. Glomerulosclerosis refers that the glomeruli is scarring or hardening. Without the timely treatment, it will lead to kidney failure.

Can FSGS be cured by Medicines ?

Besides, the essence of kidney disease is the damage of intrinsin cells, now, there are three kinds of the kidney cells in your body: necrotic cells, damaged cells and healthy cells, we can do nothing to the damaged cells, but we can repair the damaged cells and protect the healthy cells, then can stop the shrink of kidneys.

To date, all those medicine are mainly to relieve those symptoms of kidney disease, they are far from enough to treat the condition from the root. Think about it, from the begin to now, does your kidney function control well(such as creatinine and urea etc)? Frankly speaking, your present treatment is a kind of symptomatic treatment, it cannot solve your root problem. The only way to solve your problem is to take a systemic treatment.

What kind of treatment is helpful for preventing FSGS fall into kidney failure ?

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherpay as one of the most well known Chinese Medicine in treating kidney disease, it can prevent the FSGS from falling into kidney failure by cooperated with our treatments.

This kind of therapy has four main functions, they are anti-thrombosis, anti-coagulation, anti-inflammation and enlarge blood vessels. By those four functions, this therapy can repair the damaged kidney tissues and protect the residual ones from further damage. Thus to prevent FSGS down to kidney failure.

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