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What are the Natural Treatments for FSGS with Swelling

2017-02-20 21:29

FSGS,short form of focal segmental glomerular sclerosis,is a common kidney disease happening in children and adults easily. Patients with FSGS usually suffer from various complications which contain blood in urine and hypertension,swelling. Since these symptoms appear, bringing a lot of inconveniences in patients’ life as well as leaving a negative impact on their mind. So patients from all over the world are eager to know that is there a way for repairing their kidney.

Before discussing the curable methods for kidney disease patients, you have right to figure out the fact that what is the main factor causing kidney function impaired. After years of studies, we draw a conclusion that uncomfortable living environment and undesirable living habit are the two leading cause for resulting in kidney disease. Generally speaking, the two factors induce the substance of maintaining the balance of immune system is damaged, thus the ability of anti oxygen becomes weaker and weaker. Given all these illustrations, as a experienced doctor working in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, i am going to show you some of Chinese treatments for reference and i sincerely hope all of you may find something useful for your illness.

To begin with,do you ever heard something about Chinese medicine with more than five thousand history. It is widely applied in China and is familiar to almost every Chinese person. One of Chinese therapies based on natural medicinal materials is Micro-Chinese medicine Osmotherapy. It applies a bag filled with various Chinese medicines to your back, then because our skin has three functions and one of them is assimilation reacting through thousands of blood capillary. By this way, can kidney recover gradually. Moreover, Moxibustion is an another Chinese therapy without using medicines. As far as Traditional Chinese Medicine concerned, our body is full of acpoints and these acpoints connect to every apparatuses. Therefore, Moxibustion contributes to improve internal environment,then benefit to fix kidney function naturally.

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