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Chinese Herbs Contribute to the Treatment for FSGS patients

2017-03-01 16:09

Thanks to the extensive spread of Chinese culture, more and more foreigners begin to know traditional Chinese medicine as well as its therapies about kidney diseases. Since an increasing number people are suffering from the pain resulted from some kidney disease, Chinese therapies play a important role in helping kidney disease patients keep away from illness attacks. It is worth mentioning that Chinese herbs conduce to the treatment for FSGS patients. Amazing ? Why not follow us step and have a whole awareness of Chinese herbs and its function.

Why Chinese herbs work for FSGS patients?

FSGS, a short spelling of focal segmental glomerular sclerosis, is a common kidney disease usually happened in teenagers and adults. Majority kidney disease result from outside attacks, for instance, injection, unfavorable living environment. These trigger factors lead to blood pollution, then polluted blood may cause a series of reactions which may directly cause toxins’ accumulation. While it is the toxin that damage our kidney. There is a Chinese therapy called Toxin-Removing Therapy is adopted to exclude toxins. During the treatment, Chinese herbs are used to promote blood circulation, extend blood vessel, thus achieve the aim of clean toxins out of blood. While a lot of Chinese therapies base on Chinese herb, one of most famous one is known as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy.

What is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy?

It is not a simple herb, but a combination of several herbs. but a medical procedure in which different Chinese herbs are used externally to improve kidney condition. During the treating process, renal experts will put a bag filled with Chinese medicines on your low back area for 40-50 minutes. Because each area aims at one acupoint and each acupoint relates to one organ. The area we placed is aiming at kidney and it together with blood circulation enters into body system, then repairing damaged kidney.

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