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Creatinine level 8.9 After Dialysis: How Can I Remedy For One with FSGS

2017-03-16 11:01

I am so worried about my kidney since i have accepted once a week dialysis for half a year, now my creatinine has developed into 8.9, is this serious for me? I am looking forward your assistance. Said from a female whose name is Lina working in USA for almost ten years. Consider about not only she, but also an increasing number of people accepting dialysis have the same puzzle as her, in the following article, the author with renal doctor will give you some professional suggestions contributing to reduce high creatinine.

As a matter of fact, dialysis is a common used way that helps damaged kidney filtrate about 30-40 percent blood. However it is unable to eliminate toxins and some metabolic wastes which lead to creatinine go up. And that is the main reason why patients should continue to dialysis for the rest of life. Therefore, as long as we remove those toxins, can we reduce high creatinine level.

How to remove those toxins?

Hot Compress Therapy has commonly operated in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It works for fixing impaired kidney through adopting a small bag filled with various Chinese herbs to shenshu acupoint. The bag is placed in your low back area aiming at kidney,because our skin system has three functions, and one of them is assimilation which contributes to the absorption of medicines. From this way, can promote blood circulation as well as clear and activate the channels and collateral. As long as we exclude toxins gradually, can renal function begin to recover, then it is possible for you to avoid dialysis and continue the further treatment efficiently.

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