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How to Manage GFR 25 and Eyelid Swelling for FSGS

2013-11-25 10:37

How to Manage GFR 25 and Eyelid Swelling for FSGSFSGS is one common primary glomerulonephritis that causes Nephrotic Syndrome, so swelling is one typical symptom for FSGS patients. As more and more glomeruli are damaged, glomerular filtration rate (GFR) will decrease. With GFR 25 and eyelid swelling, FSGS patients must want to know the corresponding managements.

Causes of low GFR and swelling

For many reasons such as humoral immunity disorder and change of blood flow, renal capillary walls are damaged. This can cause a lot of protein to leak through glomerular filtration membrane. Protein leakage, in turn, can cause further damage to kidney filters. GFR declines along with damage to kidney filters.

As quite a number of protein leaks from the body, it can cause low plasma colloid osmotic pressure, resulting in fluid retention in some tissues like eyelid easily. Besides, when kidneys are damaged, they can’t maintain fluid and sodium balance properly. This is another reason for swelling.

Keep your kidney condition from worsening

This should be the first step of our whole treatment by managing the underlying causes and complications.

Steroids are often used to control FSGS and reduce proteinuria quickly. This can help slow down the progression of FSGS largely. To deal with eyelid swelling, diuretic may be prescribed. Also, patients should limit the intake of sodium and fluid. For different symptoms, medications and their dosages should be changed. (If you have some other symptoms, you can tell our online doctor or leave a message below, we are glad to give you some suggestions.)

Repair damaged kidney filters or glomeruli

All of FSGS symptoms are caused by impaired kidney filters, or glomeruli. Only if kidneys can do their work correctly can GFR level and eyelid swelling be managed radically. Here, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy may be worth a try, because it can help improve kidney function and rebuild kidney structure.

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