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What is the Best Way to Treat FSGS

2013-12-14 11:30

What is the Best Way to Treat FSGSWhat is the best way to treat FSGS? FSGS is a common cause of nephrotic syndrome, and it is a common kidney disease which cause a large amount of proteinuria. Patients who have FSGS may relatively quickly develop into end stage kidney failure. So it’s important for patients to have the best treatment to prevent the end stage kidney failure.

Common treatment for FSGS

FSGS patients often have the symptoms of proteinuria, swelling, hematuria and high blood pressure, and the common treatment is to control these obvious symptoms. The most common used treatment may be steroid therapy which is helpful in controlling these symptoms. However, the long-term use of theroid drugs will cause some side-effects on patients with FSGS, such as moon face, weight gain, memory problem, tiredness, mood swings and depression. All these will affect patients’ life quality. Besides, theroid therapy can control the symptoms, but it cannot remedy the kidney damage or it will worsen the kidney damage more seriously.

The best treatment for FSGS

What is the best way to treat FSGS? We do believe that it is the Chinese herbal medicines. If the kidney function has not been lost totally, the FSGS patients can use this therapy which will improve their kidney function. Chinese herbal medicine has been used for more than five thousand years, and its curative effects are obvious to all.

Our nephrologists choose proper herbal medicines which have the functions of expanding the blood vessels, removing the blood stasis, anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation, degradation and providing nutrition to damaged kidneys. This therapy can control the symptoms, and also improve the kidney function, which the western cannot be done. And the Chinese herbal medicine has no side effects.

After the effective treatment, FSGS patients can be better and better with their disease, and they will be far away from the end stage kidney failure, and avoid dialysis. All these will prolong their life expectancy and improve their life quality.

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