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How Can Chinese Herb Medicine Cure Kidney Failure

2014-11-08 17:20

How Can Chinese Herb Medicine Cure Kidney FailureUsually, after people got Kidney Failure, doctors always recommend dialysis before they get kidney transplant. Chinese medicine is another treatment option besides them, then how can Chinese Herb Medicine cure Kidney Failure ?

Active ingredients in Chinese medicines can promote blood circulation, eliminate blood clots, heat and toxins out of the body. It can improve micro-circulation in atrophic and necrotic renal tissues so as to improve renal metabolism and repair damaged renal cells.

Chinese medicines can provide more blood, oxygen and necessary nutritions for new renal cells to grow so as to rebuild renal structure and renal functions.

When renal functions and GFR are improved and urine output is increased patients will not need to take dialysis or kidney transplant or the side effects and frequency of dialysis will be much reduced for those that have taken dialysis for years.

When renal functions are improved, excessive creatinine, urea nitrogen and other metabolic wastes will be discharge out of the blood naturally. What is more, patients need not worry about the relapsing of high creatinine and BUN.

One advantage of Chinese medicines that western medicines can not achieve is overall benefits to the body. It can not only treat kidney disease, but also can regulate disorders and imbalances in other systems and organs. Chinese medicines can make patients stronger and healthier. That is why many healthy people will have some Chinese medicines to help delay aging and building up physical strength.

Another characteristic of Chinese medicines is that different medicines will be prescribed according to each patient’ symptoms, constitution as well as duration and severity of illness conditions.

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