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Whatever TCM Or Western Medicine May Hurt Kidney Under Abusing

2018-08-06 15:01

Nowadays the kidney disease become the common disease in the world for the life styles and economical development. According to the statistics of medical data the global incidence rate of kidney diseases is about 10 %, Japan 8 %, Europe and America 11 %, China is comparable to the world level and is also about 10 %, while Guangdong,The number of kidney disease patients is as high as 12 %.

Some Chinese often think the herbal medicine is no bad effect to their health,they are only some kinds of plants, but the essence of these herbal medicine may produce some toxins in human body and hurt some organ’s function.Abuse of traditional Chinese medicine will lead to kidney damage

In China the Guangdong province has great economic development and higher life quality,but why are Guangdong people more likely to suffer from kidney diseases than other cities? In addition to factors such as environment and pressure, Guangdong people’s excessive preference for traditional Chinese medicine may be one of the reasons. Most of the patients admitted in the past 20 years were kidney damage caused by abuse of traditional Chinese medicine.

As we all know, cantonese people like to put some Chinese medicinal herbs in soup making. sometimes they get sick and do not go to see a doctor. They go to the pharmacy to buy some Chinese medicinal herbs to drink. Some people even like to cook with Chinese medicinal herbs.

In traditional Chinese medicines, such as aristolochic acid Aristolochia manshuriensis, Stephania tetrandra and cinnabar, which are commonly used to soothe the nerves, have all been confirmed to damage the liver and kidney. currently, regular hospitals are generally cautious.However, some small clinics without qualifications, or non-governmental organizations, are still using them irregularly.

In western medicines, for example, antipyretic and analgesic drugs also contain kidney-damaging ingredients. Any medicine will have some toxic effect. The kidney is the excretory system of the human body, and all the drugs must be filtered and excreted through the kidney. Therefore, long-term drinking can easily lead to kidney damage. Suggest: When you are sick, you must see a doctor in time and take the medicine according to the doctor’s advice. it is best not to purchase the medicine by yourself. in particular, it is not recommended that you take the traditional Chinese medicine in the purpose of “self-defense before illness come” though the traditional medicine can do great effect to help you promote your condition.To chronic disease the herbal medicine can be more effective than western medicine,but you must take precaution to it before you take it,If you want to know about more knowledge about Chinese herbal medicine or you have some questions please contact us through following:

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