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Would Creatinine 625 be Lowered with Chinese Medicine Treatment

2018-03-24 14:19

Would Creatinine 625 be Lowered with Chinese Medicine TreatmentWhen the creatinine level is reached up to 625umol/L, the patients are in the kidney failure stage. Usually, they will be told to do dialysis in the near future or immediately. However, would creatinine 625 be lowered with Chinese medicine? Here I will explain it by an example.

Mr.Zhao found out there were protein leakage ten years ago. As it was not serious, he did not take any treatment.

As time went by, he saw too much foamy in the urine. After it continued for a month, he took the examination again. The urinalysis showed protein ++ and occult blood + while blood test indicated creatinine 82umol/L and BUN 5.6mmol/L. He received some medicines. But bubbles in urine still occurred in some cases.

I do believe many patients have experienced the similar conditions. And because the protein in urine does not bother their life and can not be cured easily, many patients give up to treat it at all. But it is a wrong.

Such as Mr.Zhao. A large number of proteinuria results in glomerular filtration of the barrier, leading to renal damage. Finally, his creatinine level began to come up from two years ago. At the time he arrived at our hospital a year ago, his creatinine 625umol/L, uric acid 738umol/L, BUN 197.7mmol/L, protein urine 3.92g/24h. Moreover the diagnosis is kidney failure. To be honest, many patients like Mr.Zhao lost the best time to cure their kidney problem, and finally, they have to fact more issues and spend more time, energy and cost to feel better.

With the comprehensive diagnosis, our doctor gave him Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Steaming Therapy, Foot Bath Therapy and other natural treatments as well as the well-planned meals.

After a period of 7 days’ treatment, his creatinine level lowered to 474umol/L, BUN reduced to 10.1mmol/L, and the protein urine is 1.94g/24h.

Before he came back home with the medicines, his BUN and uric acid were normal, protein in urine is 0.07g/24h, and creatinine level is 346umol/L.

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