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Would Creatinine 625 be Lowered with Chinese Medicine Treatment

When the creatinine level is reached up to 625umol/L, the patients are in the kidney failure stage. Usually, they will be told to do dialysis in the near future or immediately. However, would creatinine 625 be lowered with Chinese medicine?...Read More

Would Herbal Medicine Treatment be A Replacement of Dialysis

Usually, the kidney failure patients asked Would herbal medicine treatment be a replacement of dialysis? owing to the torturous course during dialysis. So, I would like to show you more information about kidney failure, dialysis and herbal...Read More

Herbal Medicine Treatment Hypoproteinemia Can Be Improved

Hypoproteinemia is a illness condition, resulted from malabsorption, lack of protein intakes, liver disorder, kidney disease and other problems. Here I am objective to introduce how hypoproteinemia can be improved with herbal medicine treat...Read More

What is Basically Toxin-Removing Therapy and Can One Use It Outside China

Visitor: What is basically Toxin-Removing Therapy? And can one use It outside China? Kidney-expert: Hello. Toxin-Removing Therapy is one of the natural therapies to bring a high quality life for kidney disease patients. And this moment, I n...Read More

Would Chinese Herbal Medicine Slow Deterioration of Creatinine 500

Would Chinese herbal medicine slow deterioration of creatinine 500? If you also have trouble with high creatinine level or want to know more about Chinese herbal medicine, please read the full article or chat with our Online Doctor . Genera...Read More

How to Use Chinese Medicine For Reducing Serum Creatinine 7.46

Chinese medicine is a good measure to stop and reverse illnesses from root causes. Moreover, it has a unique effect on treating high serum creatinine. And then, how to use Chinese medicine for reducing serum creatinine 7.46? What does creat...Read More

Haemoglobin Level 5 and Creatinine Level 220 What is Countermeasure

Haemoglobin level 5 stands for a serious anemia in which case the patients will have dizziness, fatigue, weakness, poor appetite and other conundrums. If the creatinine level is high to 220 as well, what is countermeasure? Generally speakin...Read More

Is There Any Herbal Treatment Instead of Steroids to Severe Edema

Steroids is the first option in clinic for dissolving severe edema through inhibiting the inflammation in the kidneys. In the meanwhile, some side effects come out and it can not prevent the recrudescence of edema. Thereby, is there any her...Read More

Is Herbal Treatment Available when Creatinine is 4 and Urea is 140

As a matter of fact, there is not effective method to cure creatinine 4 and urea 140 in most countries. If the development of kidney disease can not be stopped, the patients have to experience dialysis in the future. In this case, is herbal...Read More

Serious Edema with Creatinine 250 Can be Effectively Against

Nowadays, with the prevalence of Chinese herbal medicine, increasing kidney disease patients wonder whether it is effetively or not. Here the article is objective to give you an example to illustrate it. Also, you can chat with our Online D...Read More