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Would Herbal Medicine Treatment be A Replacement of Dialysis

2018-03-23 14:30

Would Herbal Medicine Treatment be A Replacement of DialysisUsually, the kidney failure patients asked “Would herbal medicine treatment be a replacement of dialysis?” owing to the torturous course during dialysis. So, I would like to show you more information about kidney failure, dialysis and herbal medicine treatment here.

Brief kidney failure introduction.

Kidney failure is usually used to stand for a serious medical condition in which the kidneys lost their actions to filter excessive substances from the blood completely. Subsequently, the patients will be troubled by back pain, anemia, swelling or even life-threaten. For preventing live danger, dialysis will be suggested.


It is to remove the unwanted materials from the blood by a machine. However, it can not resume the body’s self-detoxification ability. What is worse, it can not clean the toxins completely. So the kidney function will be less and less. Finally, kidney transplant will be a must. Therefore, a growing number of patients want to receive another treatment.

Herbal medicine treatment.

As long as the patients still have urine output, the herbal medicine treatment involving Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Hot Compress Therapy, Moxibustion Therapy and other natural remedies can be helpful in driving toxins, increasing detoxification function and alleviating symptoms. But as a result of the various illness conditions and physical situation, the treatment effect will have some differences. To be honest, some take back to normal life, some keep the creatinine level in a low range, some break away from dialysis and some reduce the frequencies of dialysis. Additionally, the discomforts can be disappeared fast and effectively with these herbal medicine treatments.

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