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Cordyceps Sinensis for Kidney Disease Patients with Lower GFR

2014-02-27 05:43

Cordyceps Sinensis for Kidney Disease Patients with Lower GFRKidney Disease Patients usually suffer from lower GFR by various reasons.Cordyceps Sinensis is a kind of herbal medicines and have benefits for kidney disease patients.How does cordyceps sinensis work for kidney disease patients with lower GFR?Follow our descriptions and find the answers.

The benefits of Cordyceps Sinensis for kidney disease patients

Cordycep Sinensis are helpful to treat different renal disease such as renal failure,glomerulonephritis,Nephrotic Syndrome,Diabetic Nephropathy and so on.As we all know,meanwhile it brings benefits to relieve many symptoms following kidney disease patients for instance high blood pressure,high cholesterol,anemia,swelling,low immunity,nervous damage as well as complications in other organs and systems.

The benefits of Cordyceps Sinensis are as follows:

Cordyceps sinensis contains about 10 kinds of amino acids.6 of them are essential amino acids.Combined with low-protein diets,it can help promote protein synthesis,reduce creatinine and urea in the blood.It can help to protect the remaining renal functions.When the renal functions are protected successfully,The GFR is improved increasingly.

Kidney Treatment

Hot Compress Therapy is based on Chinese medicines.With the help of Cordyceps Sinensis,the activated Chinese medicine enters into kidney with the help osmosis machines directly and immediately.Kidney gets nutritions from the activated Chinese medicines for self-recovery and self-regeneration.More importantly,it has fewer side effects.Many families are saved by the hot compress therapy to have a warmth and happy life.As kidney damages are repaired increasingly and gradually,GFR will be improved as time passes by.Hot Compress Therapy has the function of enhancing renal functions,restoring renal damages,improving immunity and avoiding complications.If patients accept treatments consistently,their kidney disease and GFR can be well-treated.

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