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Albumin in Urine 572mg/L and Hypertension What is Chinese Medicine

2018-01-29 14:02

Albumin in Urine 572mg/L and Hypertension What is Chinese MedicineAlbumin in urine usually appears once the patients have some troubles in kidneys. Clinically, steroids is the first choice drugs. However, the patients want to gain more options. And thus, they wonder what is Chinese medicine and how it works to remedy albumin in urine 572mg/L and hypertension.

Is albumin in urine 572mg/L caused by hypertension?

Generally speaking, albumin comes out in urine as a result of the filtering cells membrane injury. For hypertensive patients, the strong pressure in the blood vessels will lead to vascular problems and thus less blood, nutrients and oxygen will be sent to the kidneys. In this case, the kidney function will be lowered due to the renal anemia and anoxia. Later, albumin and other macromolecule substances will be leaked and excreted as urine. However, with the gathering of unwanted things which should be cleared away by kidneys, the blood pressure will be improved, what could worsen the illness.

Why the patients give up to recover with the help of steroids?

Steroids has too much side effects like weight gain, memory problem, depress mind, etc. What is worse, it is only aimed at alleviating the symptoms, and the kidney can not be cured with steroids.

How Chinese medicine works to improve this situation?

Chinese medicine focuses on treating the diseases from the root causes with less side effects. In Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, various herbs from nature are received in Chinese medicine for giving the rein to dilate the blood vessels, decompose the blood stasis, correct the immune system, adjust the balance of internal environment and realize other functions naturally. By this way, the blood circulation is quickened, the inflammations are dispelled, and the undesired materials are disappeared. Hence, the renal function is improved, the albumin in urine is vanished, and the patients can enjoy the good life.

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