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Albumin in Urine 572mg/L and Hypertension What is Chinese Medicine

Albumin in urine usually appears once the patients have some troubles in kidneys. Clinically, steroids is the first choice drugs. However, the patients want to gain more options. And thus, they wonder what is Chinese medicine and how it wor...Read More

Creatinine 4.8 How Can You Help Me with Controlled High Blood Pressure

Patient 11-21 23:43:56 My creatinine is 4.8, can you help me? Kidney-expert 11-21 23:44:29 Yes. We can help you lower it thoroughly. Since all our treatments are applied on the basis of your physical situation and also theories of Chinese m...Read More

Creatinine 3.9 Up From 1.4 Hypertension and Infection Is It Dangerous

Creatinine 3.9 up from 1.4 shows the kidney disease process develops fast and that there are still changes for the patients to reverse illness condition. Moreover, hypertension and infection are two leading causes of kidney failure. While,...Read More

What To Do with Creatinine 6.9 and Edema in Hypertensive Nephropathy

Hypertensive nephropathy is a common kidney disease caused by years of uncontrolled blood pressure which will bring many discomforts to the patients. While, what to do with creatinine 6.9 and edema in hypertensive nephropathy? How edema app...Read More

Can Chinese Medicine Treat Poor Appetite With Hypertensive Nephropathy

Many Hypertensive Nephropathy patients are troubled with poor appetite. More and more patients urgently need to solve this problem as it effects their normal life a lot. Patients wonder if Chinese Medicine can treat poor appetite with Hyper...Read More

Diabetic with Eyelid Swelling is that a Symptom of Kidney Disease

Diabetic with eyelid swelling is that a symptom of Kidney Disease ? In fact, for people with diabetes and eyslid swelling they may have a risk at getting kidney disease...Read More

Creatinine 8.4 in Hypertensive Kidney Disease Does It Mean Dialysis

Does diagnosis of creatinine 8.4 in Hypertensive Kidney Disease mean dialysis? If you are still looking for an answer to this question, you can read the this text....Read More

Frequent Urination & Hypertensive Nephropathy Creatinine 1.8

Increased nocturnal enuresis refers to that the nocturnal enuresis is greater than 750ml or urine volume in daytime. So why will the increased nocturnal enuresis occur in patients with hypertensive nephropathy? Online Doctor can offer you m...Read More

Swelling and Hypertension Nephropathy

Swelling is a common symptom for hypertension nephropathy patients, and patients often have swelling of the feet and ankles, around the eyelid, or even in abdomen. Swelling is often an obvious symptom for hypertension nephropathy patients,...Read More

Frequent Urination at Night and Hypertensive Nephropathy

Be alert about frequent urination at night if you are a sufferer of years of uncontrolled hypertension, because it may indicate serious kidney problem. Kidney disease caused by high blood pressure is called Hypertensive Nephropathy in medic...Read More