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Can Creatinine 5.6 with Hypertensive Nephropathy be Reduced

2017-03-01 16:03

Can Creatinine 5.6 with Hypertensive Nephropathy be Reduced“I am a hypertensive nephropathy patient. My creatinine level is 5.6. Can you give me some suggests about what I should do to reduce the creatinine?” This message is from a patient who suffers from hypertensive nephropathy with creatinine 5.6. Not only he, but also other patients want to get more information about how to reduce the creatinine 5.6 with hypertensive nephropathy.

First, let us know about why the creatinine rises to 5.6.

Creatinine is a measure of the renal function. In addition, the creatinine level will not go up until the kidney has been destroyed more than 1/3. That is to say, the kidney are damaged badly and it is unable to complete the work what it should bear.

What reasons do injure the kidney?

It is because the high blood pressure which strongly push the walls of the blood vessels every time ruins the renal vessels. So that, the kidney function will become lower and lower. The harmful things will be gathered in the body in the situation. Moreover, the undesired matters may be the dangerous factors which lead to renal damage.

How to reduce creatinine 5.6 with hypertensive nephropathy?

Toxin-Removing Therapy is a better treatment for hypertensive nephropathy patients to reduce the creatinine 5.6. According to the clinical studies, more and more patients who are treated with the treatment drop the creatinine down by recovering the renal function with special herbs from nature. When the kidney is impaired, the creatinine 5.6 will be declined, and the patient will live a normal life.

How can I take the treatment? Can I accept the therapy in my country? How can I go to your hospital? What is the therapy cost? How long need I be in the treatment?

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